LivePano3D Free

This is live wallpaper that allows to use 360 degrees panoramas.

TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers.

1) Five demo panoramas.
2) Automatic rotation of panos. User can select desired rotation speed (revs per hour) in Menu. Also, you can use double tap on homescreen for manual panorama rotation.
3) G-sensor mode. This mode allows to use g-sensor for panorama rotation. To use this mode:
a) Enable it in settings (enabled by default).
b) Activate it by triple tap on homescreen. (Triple tap again to deactivate this mode).
4) Touch mode. This mode allows to use finger for rotating of panorama.
5) Added new setting: view angle. This setting allows to “zoom” and to “pan” panorama view. Than this value is smaller those the smaller panorama area will be visible in screen.
6) Minor fixes.

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