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Live wallpapers for Tablets – Top 8

Gone are the days your tablet screen looked like some painting from the Renaissance period. Say good bye to the old static images that make your tablet screen look dull and empty. It’s at the time of the year where you treat your tablet to some amazing looking live wallpapers.

Here we have the best of the best for you to download. This compilation will save you a lot of hassle which is going to the Play store on your own. The tablet live wallpaper are developed with quality in mind which will give that immersive experience without any compromises.

1. Amoled LiveWallpaper FREE


  • More than a million downloads
  • 4.5 Rated in Play store
  • Constantly updated
  • Hordes of happy customers

Standout features

  • Best for AMOLED screens
  • Battery friendly
  • Has gyroscope functionality

What better way to kick-start a tablet live wallpaper compilation without AMOLED live wallpaper. This app is the jackpot if you are the type of person who likes to keep it simple yet functioning. The dazzling animations with the light rays gently and gracefully dance around your table home screen is an eyesight to behold.

AMOLED live wallpaper
playstore 19

2. Float Live Wallpaper : Free Live Wallpaper


  • Stellar 4.2 rated
  • HD quality
  • Perfect for all tablets

Standout features

  • Lots of varieties
  • Easy to use
  • Dynamic wallpaper
  • No battery draining

This is one of those amazing free to download and use tablet live wallpaper app. The offering here is simply jaw dropping. The developer certainly had the user in mind with the minimal ad to the variety on show here.

The special thing about this tablet live wallpaper is the dynamic nature. It changes when you shake the phone and every time you unlock or return to home screen. Cool right? Grab this amazing masterpiece from the link below.

Float Live wallpaper
playstore 20

3. Live Wallpapers – HD & 4K Live backgrounds


  • 4.3 rated in Play store
  • Boatload of varieties
  • Constantly updated
  • Friendly user interface

Standout features

  • Totally free to use
  • Has a premium option also
  • Optimized for low power consumption

This tablet live wallpaper is a must have for “n” number of reasons. Maybe this app is special because of the load of varieties it has in it’s store and also to make traversing easy, it is split into many categories. One can even call this app the motherlode of tablet live wallpapers. Believe this is not a stretch rather an accurate summary of this app.

Live wallpaper HD
playstore 21



  • 4.3 rated in Play store
  • Lots of personalization options
  • Happy users

Standout features

  • Updated constantly
  • Next gen animation
  • Easy on the battery
  • In-app purchases

This offering from Apps from this developer has features on our blog before. We keep coming back to the app by this person for a reason. It is because of the attention to detail. This tablet live wallpaper of our Earth is simply stunning to look at our mammoth tab screens.

The 3D particles swirling around in a beautiful pattern is icing on the cake. To make matters better the level of customization found here is almost surreal.

Dynamic earth
playstore 22

5. 3D Parallax Live Wallpaper – 4K Backgrounds


  • Highly rated in Play store
  • Lots of excited users
  • Simple yet stunning looking

Standout features

  • Lots of offerings
  • Supports almost all aspect screens
  • Smooth rendering

There is only one thing better than a 3D live wallpaper. It’s a 3D live wallpaper in 4K. This is exactly this tablet live wallpaper provides it’s users. Talk about an app that can totally transform your phone and morph it into something else. This live wallpaper app has you covered when you wish to give your tablet a fresh look and charming to the eyes.

3D Parallax live wallpaper
playstore 23

6. Pixel 4D Live Wallpapers 4K – Backgrounds 3D/HD


  • Highly rated in Play store 4.4
  • More than 10 million downloads
  • Enjoyable UX

Standout features

  • Affordable options
  • Amazing 3D effects
  • Barely drains battery

With over 300 and counting level of offerings, this app is simply a steal for tablet live wallpapers. The 3D transition effects are cool seamless which gives your tablet a very futuristic look. There are a lot of free live wallpapers to choose from here. The tipping point here is the affordable rates which are levied on paid wallpapers which are totally worth it.

This live wallpaper is supported across a variety of android devices which is something we cannot say about a lot of wallpaper apps out there. The magic happens as a result of your phone’s gyroscope working in cahoots with this app to create that in-depth effect.

Give this amazing tablet live wallpaper a try by clicking on the link below.

Pixel 4D live wallpaper
playstore 24

7. Live Wallpaper & Background – Fluid Simulation


  • 4.1 Rated on play store
  • Supports multi-finger touch
  • Perfect for AMOLED

Standout features

  • User oriented developer
  • Constantly updated
  • Stunning on tablets

There is always something satisfying about touching your screen and streaks go blazing based on your movements. This tablet live wallpaper apps give you just that. This is one of them “simple but gets the job done” type of wallpaper app.

Just download it into your phone, get to settings and toggle “Set as wallpaper” The app will do it’s magic by itself. The jaw-dropping live wallpaper does not take a toll on battery. That’s how well optimized this app is.

Fluid stimulation live wallpaper
playstore 25

8. Earth & Moon in HD Gyro 3D Parallax Live Wallpaper


  • Stellar 4.5 rating in Play store
  • Lots of happy users
  • HD and bug free

Standout features

  • Attention to detail
  • Constantly updating
  • Completely free of cost and ads

The name says it all. This tablet live wallpaper is about our mother Earth. But the quality is out of the world (pun intended). The developer of this app went an extra mile to add the moons and other space worthy things that add to the immersion.

This live wallpaper is totally free to use and the lack of ads really add up to the overall smooth experience. The transition and movement of the planets while the phone is in motion is buttery smooth with no jitters. Give this wallpaper a go by clicking the link below and spice up your tablet experience to the next level.

Earth and Moon live wallpaper
playstore 26

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