LiquidLight Sea

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LiquidLight Sea 7

LiquidLight enhances your home screen with a realistic, 3D water surface, featuring randomly generated cresting waves. The live wallpaper is completely customisable with a wide variety of configuration options and built in themes.
This wallpaper isn’t like the other video-loops on the market; the animations are generated directly on your device and you will never see them repeat.
★ Customisable water surface, change the height and choppiness of the waves
★ Randomly generated animations
★ Captivating lighting effects
★ No adverts or invasive permissions
★ Six themes included: Starlight, Orion, Dusk, Tropical, Pebbles and Candlelight
★ More themes to be added in the future!
LiquidLight has been tested on a wide range of devices to ensure that it performs well. That said, it does require more resources than a typical wallpaper, so you may experience poor performance on an older device.

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