Light Drops

Light Drops
Light Drops 7

A beautiful customizable live wallpaper that displays moving points of light.

Included in this free version are eight stunning presets and the possibility to change size and amount of the light particles. For full customization of the six movement themes, four shape sets and all additional settings (color, speed, opacity, flicker and rotation) please download Light Drops Pro. This will also give you the opportunity to save and share your own presets with the world!

All graphics are created using real vintage lenses, resulting in a beautiful organic look. These out-of-focus light dots are also called “bokeh” and each lens has it’s own characteristics. This is something that is not achievable with computer generated graphics.

To start using Light Drops, go to Settings -> Display -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers and select “Light Drops” from the list.

Permission to write to SD Card is only used for saving screenshots.

+ six movement themes (Chaos, Rain, Space, Passenger, Fireworks, Vortex)
+ four shape sets (Orestes, Luna, Xenon, Nox)
+ eight beautiful presets
+ customization of size and amount of particles within the presets
+ screenshot capability

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