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KM Mexico Free Live wallpaper
KM Mexico Free 7

Do you like vacation? Do you enjoy beautiful Mexican landscape? Then these live wallpapers for you!
Introducing the new work made of clay (plasticine) – “KM Mexico Live wallpaper Free”!
Now you can enjoy beautiful Mexican landscape with our new live wallpaper made of clay (plasticine).

Be sure to install this beautiful “KM Mexico Live wallpaper Free” on your smartphone or tablet. For Android 4.X or higher;

Features of free version of live wallpaper:
★ Mexican landscape: cacti, pyramids and etc.;
★ Live wallpaper w/o eagle, snake, toucan, armadillo;
★ Live wallpaper w/o night mode;
★ A musician w/o playing song;
★ Only one time of day mode: Day;
★ Only one color of the ground;

Settings of live wallpapers:
★ You can turn on/off musician.

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