Kiwi Juice

Kiwi Juice Live Wallpaper
Kiwi Juice 7

Kiwi juice is a beautiful live Wallpaper where Kiwi as if falling into the juice. In Kiwi juice can be individually selected type of Kiwi, and a separate background color. And you can also turn on and off light, which creates an interesting effect, as if you are watching a night on the glass of juice is back-lit.
You can make Kiwi juice carbonated or not.
Also You can control:
– The speed of the fruits.
– The size of the fruits.
Set the movement of Kiwi and ice. Are they just going to sink or to behave more realistically, to sink, and then to emerge, as it happens in real drinks.
Use the gyroscope for more realistic motion fruits , ice cubes and bubbles.
For quick access to the settings, double click on home screen.

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