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Kinetic Live Wallpaper Lite
Kinetic Lite 7

Control the laws of physics.
Kinetic Live Wallpaper is a lightweight physics engine as a wallpaper. Blocks slide and bounce around your homescreen based on how you set the laws of physics, accelerometer readings, and touchscreen input.
Some of the features include:
+ Several presets, which were all created using the customization options in the app. Everything can be changed.
+ Tweak physics to beyond unrealistic values: gravity, density, elasticity, friction, jitter, and more.
+ Set the color range of the blocks, the background, and the system bar. Background colors cycle at whatever speed you want.
+ Use personalized images for the blocks, and/or background.
+ Disable collisions for a completely different type of effect which can range from resembling a liquid, to a flurry of snow depending on your settings.
+ Touch the screen to cause explosions, or manipulate physics.
+ Save as many custom presets as you like to the database.
The Kinetic Live Wallpaper uses my own physics library, The Kinetic Physics Library, that I will be releasing to other android developers for free. It will be available from my website ( in the near future once it has been made more portable and developer friendly.

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