Jungle of Flowers 3D LWP Lite

Make your android to the home of a stylish flower.

The flowers love music and if you play some, they will grow with respect to the rhythm!

Jungle of Flowers thought one dimension further.


– Non repetitive growing 3d flower effect.
– Choose from 3 different camera modes.
– Choose from different background styles.
– Choose from different predefined flowers.
– Or configure one completely yourself. Then you can adjust:
– The length and curviness of the flower and its branches.
– The number of the branches and leaves.
– The growing speed and growing shape of the branches.
– The colors of the leafs and branches. And more!

– Flower reacts on playing music!
– Choose from different styles of waveform and spectrum illustration.

This is the free version that’s why only a subset of the customization options is activated.

TO USE: home->menu->wallpapers->live wallpapers

Remark: With some music players the music visualization feature does not work, e.g., the standard player of the HTC Evo 3D. But you can use a free third party player, e.g., Winamp to get it to work.

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