Jacob’s Ladder

Jacobs Ladder Live Wallpaper
Jacob's Ladder 7

With Jacob’s Ladder, an smooth, interactive 3D world is at your fingertips. It’s a live wallpaper unlike any you’ve ever experienced before.

□ Expertly crafted to be energy-efficient
Jacob’s Ladder has been crafted to be virtually invisible to your battery.
Double-tap on the screen at any time to instantly freeze the live wallpaper into a still image, then double-tap the screen again to re-immerse yourself right where you left off.
You can learn more about how we’ve optimized Jacob’s Ladder at http://mycardboarddreams.wordpress.com/jacobs-ladder-live-wallpaper

□ Immerse yourself in a hypnotic world
Run your fingers on the screen and watch the cubes realign themselves in unique, organic patterns.

□ An app that respects your privacy
Our in-app billing allows you to purchase the full set of themes. Apart from that, Jacob’s Ladder is free of required permissions.

□ Personalize your background
Select from a variety of color themes crafted to suit your Android style.

□ Easy access to customization
Pause the wallpaper by double-tapping on the screen. Then, simply swipe upwards on the wallpaper to access the settings panel.

□ Free vs. full
The free version of Jacob’s Ladder includes all features, and the following themes:
Jacob’s Ladder, Marshmallow, Fernlight, Lime Cream, Arctic and Gold

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