Hurricane HD Free

An epic display of one of the most feared and destructive natural forces.

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*Original artwork
*Intense graphics
*Open GL technology
*Home screen scrolling supported
*HDMI supported (HD Televisions)
*Landscape mode supported
*Many preference options
*Low file size
*Minimum battery usage

Android Wax has done it again. We bring you an epic display of one of the most feared and destructive natural forces known to mankind. Rendered beautifully with intense graphics and artwork, Hurricane HD is the most powerful visual experience you will get for your android device. Six category 5 hurricanes to choose from with many settings such as rotation speed, reverse spin, hurricane color, and more. Looks great on older android devices, but an extra option setting for smoother graphics on higher end devices. As an added bonus you will get a breathtaking view of this destructive force in landscape mode. No matter who you are and what type of live wallpapers you are into, you will agree that this will be one of the best live wallpapers you have downloaded for your android device. The iPhone can’t do this.

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