Homestead Free

A tiny farm in the path of an approaching thunderstorm.

Homestead Live Wallpaper is a dark, broody and beautiful animated background. A tiny farm sits in the path of a powerful thunderstorm. The rain is relentless and lightning bolts flash across the sky.

I think thunder storms are fascinating and I’ve only been in a few like this in my lifetime. I wanted to capture the wonder of watching a storm roll in from a rural farmhouse. I would have loved to add the sound of rain hitting the roof and distant rolling thunder, but I figured sounds on a wallpaper might be impractical (let me know if you think otherwise!)

The dark contrast won’t obscure the icons on your home screen and the background goes dormant whenever it isn’t visible, preserving your battery.

I often find myself staring at it. This one is a keeper!

Supports all screen sizes (including tablets!)

Get the full version for a completely unlocked settings screen.

“I think it’s dark and it looks like rain,” he said. “The wind is blowing like it’s the end of the world,” he said.

Art by Ju Young Ha (하주영)

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