Helix Polycolor

Helix Polycolor Live Wallpaper
Helix Polycolor 7

Unleash your imagination and believe in impossible things like free diving into the deep space without a spaceship.

You can see mesmerizing pulsations of relict colors that travel through space and time directly to your phone or tablet. They bring you the light of Helix Nebula that can be visible at your screen from time to time when a joyful play of rainbows is slowing down to calm your mind with tender evolving radiance and let you feel ultimate comfort and harmony.

The Helix Polycolor live wallpaper is devoted to Turbo Snail who probably came to Earth from distant stars of the NGC 7293 galaxy. The estimated distance from our Milky Way to Helix Nebula is about 215 parsecs or 700 light-years.

Now this distance is not important anymore and you can easily catch the colorful waves of Helix and plunge into unlimited mysteries of the Universe.

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