Hamster Power

Hamster Power Live Wallpaper
Hamster Power 7

No hamsters were harmed in the making of this live wallpaper. 😉

Hamster Power! Live Wallpaper gives you a glimpse into what ACTUALLY powers your device.

These tiny rodents work their butts off, running in their wheels, generating the energy needed to power your device all day long.

An energy meter is included on your screen at all times, so you can see your device’s power level at a glance.

Your hamster will run, full speed until an energy level of 64%, when it will slow to a brisk trot.

At an energy level of 34%, your hamster will begin to tire and begin to struggle on the wheel. This alerts you that it will soon be time for your rodent to rest.

To give your hamster a rest, simply plug your device into a power source and your hamster will automatically go to sleep on it’s wheel.

When the power source is removed from your device, your rodent will wake up and resume it’s job turning the wheel once again.
Hamster Power! Live Wallpaper includes:

• Fully CG 3D rendered graphics
• Smooth scrolling through home screens with parallax layering
• Near-zero battery usage
• Full-time, on-screen power meter
• Two types of hamsters, Brown and Black
• Ability to name your rodent, up to 11 characters
• Choice of six colors for the hamster name text
• Choice of six colors for the background
• Two types of background environments
• Adjustable performance level for speed enhancement, if needed
• Your choice of whether or not your hamster should sleep when connected to a power source

Hamster Power! was tested on the following devices:
• Samsung Galaxy Nexus
• Nexus 7
• Nexus One
• Samsung Galaxy S 4G
• Archos 101

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