Gas Mask

Gas Mask Live Wallpaper
Gas Mask 7

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Personalize your phone or tablet with this stunning Animated Gasmask Wallpaper!
For fans of Post-Apocalyptic fiction, Steam Punk, Latex Fetish and stories of Armageddon this is a cool choice.
The Black mask is used by Soldiers, Terrorists and Special Forces in Nuclear War where Chemical Weapons are used.
The Dark Wallpaper has different Particle Effects ranging from Smoke, Toxic Gas to Radiation with custom color.

Customization and Features:
● Real-time blur
● Screen ripple effect
● Color Blending
● Particle effects
● Battery saving options (Frame rate limit)
● Parallax Effect
● Swipe Camera Pan
● Texture filter options
● Zoomed view (on/off)
● Works on Phones and Tablets

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