Gallery 3D

Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper
Gallery 3D 7

Take advantage of the various gorgeous themes provided to you, and turn your photo and image collections into stunning 3D live wallpapers.
Personalization is the key concept behind this beautifully designed live wallpaper. Gallery 3D comes with a wide array of option & features to help you turn your photo or image collection into a amazing live wallpaper. With four great themes, large selection of beautiful background images, customization options, particle effects, and the ability to display your own image/photo collection, Gallery 3D is one of the most advanced & customizable live wallpaper available.

Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper have many features, including:
– Wide array of options to customize your live wallpaper
– Large selection of background images
– User your own tileable texture as background
– Particle effects that you can add to further enhance your theme
– Easy to use browsing tool to find and select the photos you want to use
– Interactive themes that bring your photo collections to live
– Great looking & intuitive user interface all around
– Two Free Themes, the other two are unlockable via Fackbook Like and In App Purchase.

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