Galaxy Vortex Sleeves

Galaxy Vortex Sleeves Live Wallpaper
Galaxy Vortex Sleeves 7

Attention! Hurry up and get ready! The journey into deep space starts right now.
This immense vortex of galaxy sleeves takes you and brings to the far distance which will lead you to unknown future and miracles it has in sock.
These animated particles, performed in a creative design and pleasant colors, represent all the universe’s energy and you are an important part of it.
Intrigued? So let yourself go and see it with your own astonished eyes.
Galaxy sleeves vortex streams will transfer you to another world, another, completely unknown reality.
Are you adventurous enough to make this brave step?
Willing to try and feel these unreal, overwhelming emotions?
Then step in right now, future waits for you and prepared so many incredible surprises.
You are a pilot of galaxy ship which surfs through the depths of the deep space.
You are totally alone here in this galaxy eternity but no time for being scared,
on the contrary – you are stunned with the views that are flowing around you behind the illuminators.
Star dust shining particles shimmer in the space and make it look brilliant.
You can’t believe that this scenery is masterpiece of nature, not manmade.
Huge energy center spot in the distance… you approach it… the sun!
Deep space galaxy…
You fly now among the tiny particles of space dust and enjoy a picturesque view all around you.
Here and there in distance sparkling dots of various colors can be seen.
They enlighten your mood.
Galaxy sleeves vortex exiting journey.
Do you feel some premonition now inside you being in the very middle of this brilliant galaxy?
These sounds… you hear?
It’s a premonition of love!
It is love knocks impatiently at the hidden door of your heart.
Invite it to come in and settle there forever.
Really full HD, really 3D. Sounds available.

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