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Galaxy Legends Live Wallpaper – a gorgeous free live wallpapers that will take you to the outer space! You will see unparalleled Galaxy Backgrounds, planets revolving on the background of fantastic sceneries. So, if you like planets, asteroids, comets, and stars – this application is your choice #1!

Galaxy Legends Live Wallpaper features:

– A number of space sceneries
– Remarkable planet and spaceship movement
– Possibility to select between different landscapes and planets
– Amazing star twinkling, gorgeous asteroids and suns
– Galaxy Planet Live Wallpaper has a lot of cosmic elements to choose from
– HD graphics and cool design
– Live Wallpapers support portrait and landscape orientation
– Battery usage optimized and sleep mode supported
– 99% Android devices support the application
– Excellent tweak settings: varying the speed of the planets and a lot more…

Do you enjoy exploring space and galaxies? Go ahead! Just install our application – Galaxy Planet Live Wallpaper and a whole new world is open for you. Our space sceneries with fantastic background are so bright and realistic that it’d seem that you are right there among them.

Our cosmic sceneries will look excellent on 99% Android devices. Space Live Wallpapers for Android will perfectly suit your new Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4 or any other phone.

Incredible 3D planets and cosmic sceneries are sure to surprise even astronauts. Neil Armstrong would have really been amazed. Today the space trips are possible for only a few people but using our application you can be one of those people. You don’t need to fly to outer space to see the stars – it’s enough to install our Live Wallpapers.

Imagine the rotating Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Pandora, Saturn, a destroyed planet, the Solar System, passing by comets, the asteroid belt around the Saturn and it’s all only a click away.

Download Galaxy Planet Live Wallpaper for free and let this unique application open new parts of our Solar System and other unexplored Galaxies.

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