Fusion Reactor

Fusion Reactor LiveWallpapers
Fusion Reactor 7

A fusion reactor live wallpaper, inspired by Tony Stark & his Arc Reactor from Iron Man. Multiple rings spin in circles independent of each other with customizable color options.

I created this wallpaper because I love Live Wallpapers & I’ve wanted to be able provide a new fresh design for the android community.

Features (enabled in “Settings”):
* 10 sets of colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Cyan, Pink, White & Grey!

Full Version Offers:
* Ability to set the colour of each ring individually!
* Fade effects, including Pulse & Heartbeat effect!

Please support me with a good rating! I will respond to all direct emails. If you have a problem, ranting in comments is not a helpful way to sort it out!

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