Fringe LiveWallpaper only for Cortexiphan addicted!

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Fringe LiveWallpaper!!! Cortexiphan addicted? Here is the Fringe LiveWallpaper perfect for you!! All Fringe symbols & codes floating on you screen and a huge amount of customizations! Now it works as battery charge indicator! Move to SD supported (please read notes)!

This is a FREE version with several customizable settings, you can customize: Number of Symbols for each tap, Symbols Rotations, Wallpapers, Sensitivity to the Device Orientation… and several additional features!!!

!!! Now Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich fully supported !!!

Ultra-optmized to save your battery life, less than 3% of battery to enjoy this wonderful LiveWallpaper.

Complete list of available settings:
– Get, Rate, Share and Follow…
– Visualization
|- Change Wallpaper
|- Number of Circles
|- Concurrent Circles
|- Horizontal Rotation
|- Vertical Rotation
|- Rotation Speed
|- Transparency
|- Activate Gravity
|- Vibrate on Tap
|- Battery Level as Transparency
– Magic Tap (note 3)
|- Activate Magic Tap
|- Magic Tap Rate
– Date and Time
|- Show Date and Time
|- Font Size
– Language
|- Force English

How to use:
Close any other running livewallpaper and set an image as wallpaper then tap: Home >> Menu >> Wallpapers >> LiveWallpapers

** NOTE(1): Please be sure your device supports LiveWallpapers.
** NOTE(2): This application supports ads in your status bar (AirPush).
** NOTE(3): This option could be battery consuming.
** NOTE(4): This application supports “Move to SD” feature. Enabling USB mass storage your running Live Wallpaper will be replaced by the default Live Wallpaper. When external storage is remounted, you can select the Live Wallpaper again.

Permissions: INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE are used to report errors; READ_PHONE_STATE, ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION are used by the ads system; the other permissions are required by the app itself.

Fringe is property of Fox Broadcasting Company, Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television.

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