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Free Wide Screen Aquarium 7

Wide-screen Aquarium specially for your phone!
Who has told, what the aquarium cannot be very big? A wide-screen Aquarium live to volume acknowledgement! It is much wider than the screen of your phone that it to see shift the screen to the left and to the right and examine all corners where small fishes have hidden. Seaweed in a blue distance of the sea has bothered, change a background dark blue depths with a skeleton of the old ship – do not allow to miss to small fishes!
To use: HOME > MENU > Wallpaper > Live Wallpapers
The wide-screen Aquarium has a considerable quantity of various and convenient options.
To disconnect or include in Options animation it is possible at any moment.
Free Wide Screen Aquarium with magnificent animation not demanding considerable resources.
Free Wide Screen Aquarium supports Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note.
App languages:
中文 (Zhōngwén), 汉语, 漢語
Bahasa Indonesia
हिन्दी, हिंदी

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