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10 Free video live wallpapers

With live wallpapers on the rise it is only practical we converted our own videos into animated wallpapers onto our phones. There are some cool applications in Playstore which make this an actual reality. The users are given the freedom of choosing any video of their wish and make their phone look personal according to their wish.

Instead of focusing on video live wallpapers that look like a film from the 18th century, this article talks in detail about HD video live wallpapers that will create a unique experience for everyone to enjoy and cherish.

Video live wallpaper for anime loversAnime video live wallpaper
User customization focused live wallpaperVWallpaper: video live wallpaper
Live wallpaper for transparent screenTransparent Screen – Live Video Wallpaper

1. Wallpapers free – Video Wallpapers and Backgrounds


  • HD and 4k wallpapers
  • Countless collections
  • Constantly updated

Standout features

  • Covers all recent trends
  • Simple and hassle free user experience
  • Free to use
video live wallpaper free
google play badge

When it comes to video live wallpapers, this app simply has it. With it’s huge collection of video live wallpapers and also in the 4k or HD resolution, the users are gonna adore this. The offering here is quality and quantity. The cherry on top about this app is the level of optimization the developers have implemented here. This video live wallpaper app barely consumes any battery.

2. Video Live Wallpaper: Video Wallpaper


  • 500k installs
  • Easy on the battery
  • Fits all android

Standout features

  • Instantly transforms your phone
  • Gives control over audio options
  • Supports a wide format range
video wallpaper
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This video live wallpaper app is like an empty carousel for the right person to take advantage of. The users are at liberty to exercise their creative thinking and come up with just the video to make your home screen stand out. For people who are put off by the term “Empty Carousel” said in the beginning, fret not. There are also a bunch of pre-loaded videos that can be applied readily which are of good quality.

3. Video Wallpaper – Set your video as Live Wallpaper


  • 4.3 rating on Play store
  • Lots of happy users
  • User centric developer

Standout features

  • More options for paid versions
  • Loads of customizations options
  • Lots of offerings HD quality
video live wallpaper interface
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This video live wallpaper also gives users the flexibility to use their own videos to create lively wallpapers that adorn their homescreen. But the thing that separates this app from the others is the mammoth level of features this packs within itself. It has an audio feature, scale to fit the screen, connects with other live wallpapers online creating an overall wholesome feeling for the users who download this video wallpaper app.

4. Transparent Screen – Live Video Wallpaper


  • Rated 4.0 on the Play store
  • Happy users for this app
  • More than 500k installs

Standout features

  • Next gen mobile experience
  • Fast and responsive
  • A big bundle of free offerings
transparent screen wallpaper
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Transparent phones are still being developed in labs. It is safe to assume that they will take their own time before reaching the customer’s hands. But with this app, users can almost get the same experience of using a transparent phone. This video live wallpaper app takes advantage of the phone’s back camera to create this illusion, and it nails it.

The only drawback I can say about this otherwise amazing experience of live wallpaper is the effect it has on the battery. This is not a massive battery drainer but can be a problem for someone who likes to keep their phone juiced up for 2 days straight.

5. Tiger Video Live Wallpaper


  • Rated 4.0 in Play store
  • Must have for animal lovers
  • More than 100k installs

Standout features

  • High quality offerings
  • Surprisingly easy on the battery
  • Minimal size of app (5mb)
tiger live wallpaper
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Calling all animal enthusiasts. This video live wallpaper is the one for you. The options, varieties here are endless. This video live wallpaper strikes the perfect balance when it comes to offering loads of wallpapers while keeping the standard high to the level that it creates unrivaled immersion among the users.

6. Anime Video Live Wallpaper


  • Huge selection to choose from
  • Feast for anime lovers
  • Good rating in Play store

Standout features

  • 100k plus downloads
  • Lively and captivating animations
  • Supports for Android 4 and above
anime live wallpaper
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There are people who live for the anime. This video live wallpaper is clearly targeted towards people like them. There are no wallpapers in this app that feel cheap or lacking. The choices given to the users are just insane and the animations are smooth without any repetition. With an app like this in the hands of an anime lover, their only worry is to pick a different anime character every single day.

7. Fire Video Live Wallpaper


  • Stellar 4.4 rating in Play store
  • Wallpaper with personality
  • Happy users all round

Standout features

  • Best for AMOLED screens
  • High quality animations
  • Easy on RAM and battery
fire live wallpaper
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Let’s all be real for a second here! Fire is the most impactful invention of humankind. But in spite of offering value with it’s uses to the civilization going forward, we cannot touch it, Ouch! Fret no more. This video live wallpaper makes sure it is harmless to human touch all the while keeping your phone home screen lit, pun intended.

8. 4K Garden Birds Video Live Wallpaper


  • Whopping 4.4 rating on Play store
  • Loved by users
  • 500k plus downloads

Standout features

  • Long animations
  • Bird watchers’ dream
  • Adds life to any home screen
garden birds live wallpaper
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Remember the time when we had the liberty to go out and watch birds? Yup, those were the times. If the anxiety of staying home and doing nothing gets you, then I suggest you to give this video live wallpaper a shot. The way this birds play with each other while munching on a fruit gives a relaxing atmosphere.

9. VWallpaper: video live wallpaper


  • 4.1 rated on Play store
  • Freedom to users to customize
  • Lots of positive feedback

Standout features

  • Wide level of supported formats
  • Works like a charm
  • User friendly and easy to manage
video live wallpaper interface
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The thing that separates this from other video live wallpapers of the class is the wide support for different formats. There is not a format that this app cannot handle. This will come clutch considering there are different types of videos right now. The last thing we want is a “not supported” to ruin your day.

10. Live Wallpapers I Video Wallpapers


  • 4.6 rated in Play store
  • Happy users
  • Less ads
  • Has a paid section

Standout features

  • Vast array of offerings
  • Bug free experience
  • Paid section is really dope
video live wallpaper superhero
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This video live wallpaper is simply the best of it’s class. This is in fact because of the vast assortment of HD backgrounds at its disposal. The UI is not cluttered in any way that will throw off users. There is an option to pay for unlocking the bell and whistles but I am sure most people will be content with the free offerings.

Winding up

With phone screens getting bigger and bigger by the passing moon, it is up to us to keep it interesting or static and boring. To liven up the home screens there is no person to do the job with perfection than video live wallpapers.

If you feel like we missed something from our collection above feel free to share them below in the comments section.

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