This is a Live Wallpaper application.
The cat leads a freewheeling life on your display.

When you double tap the cat, milk, food, cleaning tools, toys buttons are displayed.

Also, when you click the [SETTINGS] button, you can select your favorite cat and background.

About selectable background settings:
You can either select the FooCat Live Wallpaper’s original background which you can customize or continue to use your current fixed wallpaper image* for your FooCat background.
* (Only applicable to fixed wallpapers, not to live wallpapers.)

Installation Notes

If your screen turns black after updating this live wallpaper application, please reset FooCat as follows:

Step One:
Set a different wallpaper (not the “FooCat Live Wallpaper”).

Step Two:
Select and set the “FooCat Live Wallpaper” from your settings.

My cat app series : BathingCat

English version by who?me?romi!

Recent changes:
** v1.1.1
Fixed a bug that it doesn’t work on the Galapagos(SBM 003SH).

The cat no longer lingers at the bottom of the screen.
The cat is now more cheerful and charming, with less sad and depressed expressions.

Added a cat wearing a pink furoshiki scarf.
Added a few more items: computer, pen, and electric fan.
Added some new actions.

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