Fluidsim Free

Splashes around as you tilt your phone!

Includes fully customizable display and physics options. Change the number of particles, fluid and background color, sensitivity to gravity, viscosity, and more!

* Requires internet and location information for ad support only.

* Go to Live Wallpapers -> fluidsim -> Settings to change fluidsim preferences. Customize it for your phone’s computational ability or revert to default settings. Newer phones will be able to use more particles! Change the color and gravity sensitivity to make it look like blue water or green oozing slime, or take advantage of instability at low viscosity and high gravity to make it look like it’s boiling.

This live wallpaper is based on published smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) fluid simulation research.

Recent changes:
-Performance enhancements (saves more battery life!)
-Custom slider for display and physics options
-Choose the fluid and background color
-Ad support

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