Turn your phone into a mini aquarium with this gorgeous live wallpaper!

This aquarium live wallpaper features cute cartoon fish that swim around your screen as bubbles float past, against a cool moving ocean background.

Fish may now have babies!! Enable it in the settings, then let male and female fish get acquainted (Hint: they need to be very close). Enjoy!

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To install it, go to your home screen and do the following:
MENU > Wallpaper > Live Wallpapers > FishBowl Live Wallpaper > Set Wallpaper

*Feed the fish by touching near the top of the screen…and they will swim up to eat the food.
*The more they eat, the bigger they grow.
*Tap on a fish to make it shrink back to normal size.
*Tap the screen to make the fish swim there. Tap with 2 fingers to make both fish swim there.
*Tap on a fish to make it shoot across the screen
*Allow fish to have babies
*Baby fish will leave after you touch them 3 times within 30 seconds.
*You can limit the number of babies, or even disable this feature altogether.

Further improvements and new features are added regularly.

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