FishBowl Premium

Cool Aquarium Live Wallpaper with cute cartoon fish that interact with you!
Bring your phone to life with this awesome live aquarium wallpaper!
Create your own unique combination of fish, choosing from up to 8 different fish in 2 different cartoon styles.
Watch them swim around smoothly and randomly against a high quality aquarium background – there are several backgrounds to choose from.
The fish interact with you and with each other, making this one of the most interactive live wallpapers on Android Market.
You can feed the fish, and watch them grow bigger as they eat the food.
Fish can mate, and have babies. Then those babies grow up and leave home, making room for more baby fish, and so the cycle continues!
This wallpaper is very customizable, so you can set it up to your own specific taste.

To OPEN it, go to your home screen and do the following:
MENU button > Wallpaper > Live Wallpapers > FishBowl Premium LWP > Set Wallpaper

This live wallpaper typically uses less than 3% of your phone’s battery!
For best results, please set your screen timeout to 30 seconds.
By default, FishBowl Premium LWP limits the frame rate so that your CPU can still scale down, using less power, even when the wallpaper is running.
When your screen is off, or when running apps, the wallpaper consumes no battery as it gets “paused” by the Android operating system. To confirm this, try feeding the fish, then immediately turn your screen off. Wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on. The fish food will still be visible.

– More fish + more choices.
– More baby fish allowed.
– Seaweed floating in the water.
– Allow baby fish to grow up and leave home. This allows you to have a continual cycle, with different baby fish each day or week!
– More backgrounds. Some backgrounds are also improved.

– Feed the fish by touching near the top of the aquarium (ie. the screen)…and they will swim up to eat the food.
> The more they eat, the bigger they grow. They will shrink back to normal size slowly however.
– Tap somewhere on the screen to make 1 fish swim there. Tap with 2 fingers to make 2 fish swim there, and so on.
– Tap on a fish to make it shoot across the screen.
– Fish can mate, and have babies.
> You can set how often the fish will mate.
> Select a lower “Mating Frequency” if you want new babies to only appear ever couple of days etc.
– Baby fish will leave after you tap on them 3 times in 30 seconds.
– You can limit the number of babies, or even disable baby fish features altogether.
– Download it now to see all the ways you can customize this wallpaper!

For fish to mate, a male and female fish need to be very close, basically overlapping completely.
At this point the two fish will swim off the screen, and then swim back, followed by a little baby fish.

If you want to increase chances of fish mating, set the Mating Frequency to “Very Often” in the settings. Also increase the number of male and female fish. And then feed them a lot as this will draw all the fish to one place…increasing your chances of them having babies.

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