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Fireplace Cozy 7

Very comfortable room and burning a fire in the fireplace-ambiance of calm and comfort.
A fire in the fireplace-adjusts to relaxation and rest.
New extended HD interactive version Fireplace Cozy live wallpaper. Personalization.
Fireplace Cozy live wallpaper – live wallpaper, fixed number of bugs and user’s wishes included.
A selection of HD quality backgrounds allows You to choose the best-tasting member of the scene ( they are listed in screenshots).
Animated dynamic objects fly away when you tap.
You may adjust their speed and the amount in the relevant section of the settings.
Live wallpaper contain sound module – it is activated by touching the center of the screen. It can optionally be turned off in the settings.
SET UP Fireplace Cozy live wallpaper personalization.
1. Download and install.
2. Open icon from main menu, set wallpaper.
Fireplace Cozy live wallpaper – newest release from our design .
The application contains a news section and can notify You of new releases and best applications of Mr.Droid group.
Fireplace Cozy live wallpaper is dedicated not only for portrait format (vertical phone position), but and for albome format too..
Tell us(by Email) about your wishes and problems on installing and using the application.
FREE – Fireplace Cozy live wallpaper awesome with live realistic animations!
Fireplace Cozy live wallpaper tested and is stable on the most of popular devices.

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