Firefly Puzzle Free

Firefly Puzzle FREE Live WP
Firefly Puzzle Free 7

Firefly puzzle free is a live wallpaper featuring tiles randomly moving around your screen. These tiles move randomly to spots that are not yet occupied. They are restless, ever moving. The tiles pulse with your chosen color and return to a new or static color, giving your background and ever shifting array of colors to mesmerize you!

Some ways you can customize firefly puzzle Pro are as follows:

– Change background color
– Change base tile color
– Change base tile color variance
– Tile color brightness multiplier
– Pulse Color
– Pulse brightness multiplier
– Tile Speed
– Tile speed variance
– Tile pause length
– Tile pause length variance
– Shape Type
– Double tap to open settings

This is the free version, but check out the pro version if you liked it! you get 0 ads, all features unlocked, and you also get to support the dev 🙂

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