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A rotating series of cosmic events that range from the creation of a solar system, to the destruction of planets and suns alike – all presented as a live wallpaper.

This free version presents one combination of universe to enjoy. To receive settings features and extra content, please consider purchasing the full version titled ‘Endless Universe’.

With the full version of this live wallpaper you can get a random universe during every big bang event. And with twelve planets, four suns, and a large range of customization options, the full version of Endless Universe Live Wallpaper allows you to create a view of the universe at any point in its life-cycle.

To Apply:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpaper -> Endless Universe Free -> Set Wallpaper

With the full version, each time the universe is created with a new set of unique planets – each experiencing a supernova event and eventually eaten up by an inescapable black hole:

Current Planets Include:
1. Chalk White
2. Cracked Red
3. Snow-cap Blue
4. Organic Green
5. Sea Green
6. Mountain Blue
7. Water Blue
8. Rocky Gray
9. Jupiter Blue
10. Venus Red
11. Wooden Brown
12. Freeze Blue

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