Enchanted Rose

Enchanted Rose Live Wallpaper
Enchanted Rose 7

The Enchanted Rose.. a mystical spell used to punish a prince, now brought to life on your mobile device! The rose’s main purpose is to indicate how much battery life your device has – the lower the percentage, the less life the rose will have. Watch as your battery drains, petals will start to fall off the rose and wilt away.

If you’re the type who simply wants to play around with the rose, there is an option available to control the life of the rose using your finger. Simply slide your finger up and down to play the rose life animation! Otherwise, your battery life will control the rose life.

There are plenty of options available to suit your liking:
– 8 petal colors
– 5 backgrounds
– 3 pedestals
– Turn jar visibility on/off (may affect performance on some devices)
– Sparkles amount
+ many more!

As an added effect, watch as your rose absorbs more life as your device charges. Once it is plugged in, the sweet essence of life will flow back into the rose – visually!

Please enjoy this wallpaper for free for 1 whole day. Afterwards, certain options will become disabled. The wallpaper will still be mostly functional.

If at any point the wallpaper just displays flat black, the wallpaper needs to be completely reset. Simply apply any other wallpaper, then re-enable the Enchanted Rose wallpaper and you should be set.

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