Ducks 3D Full

Ducks 3D Live Wallpaper FULL
Ducks 3D Full 7

Feel the nature on the edge of a crystal clear lake with this amazing 3D Live Wallpaper!
Share the harmony experienced by flowers, butterflies, trees, mountains, sky and two beautiful ducks gliding over the calm waters.
“Love nature, love ducks, love to customize your nature surrounding, then this is the live wallpaper you should run on your home screen.
You can change the amount and gender of ducks, the color of the passing by butterfly and many more like switching from the seasons spring to winter and the background scenario, a nother must have LWP to run on your homescreen.”
“A beautiful and serene live wallpaper with ducks and the beauty of nature. A wild view of a deep forest with a pond / lake containing amazing lovable ducks…”
Features in this FULL version:
● Real 3D!
● Supports a wide range of devices (phones) + (tablets).
● 2 seasons: Spring and Winter.
● Snow.
● No ads.
● Ducks.
● Ducklings.
● Butterflies.
● Trees.
● Plants and bushes.
● Flowers.
● Fog.
● Dust particles.
● Beam of light.
● 2 backgrounds.
● Bloom effect.
→ Quick shortcut to Settings by double tapping a empty space on Home Screen.
→ → This LWP supports devices with TouchWiz technology by Samsung.
→ Some devices like Nexus can presents some problems with graphics, specially changing the ducks texture to gray. To fix that, you just need to restart your device with your Ducks 3D LWP setted.

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