Dream Night Free

Dream Night Free Live Wallpaper
Dream Night Free 7

This live wallpaper features a relaxing night scene, with dreamy blue color tone, sparkling and shooting stars and tree silhouette.

Same as in the Sun Rise app: each night a flock of birds will fly out and form a greeting message, and you can touch to chase them away.

We recently changed the app name from Blue Night to Dream Night. We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience or confusion.

We want to bring you the best experience we can, so we never put ads into our apps. If you like this Free version, support us by getting the Pro version. You will enjoy many extra features available in the Pro version: such as setting the moon to show real-life lunar phase, or to show battery, or to show a shape that you like (full moon, half moon, crescent moon), pulling and shaking the trees, etc.

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