Dream Cruise Free

Welcome aboard the Dream Cruise!

Take a ride of the Cruise Line around the city on the lake. The billboards in the streets will host your pictures. The cruise will serve your choice of drink. See dolphin jumping. Control speed of the cruise. City will host fireworks just for you.

  • Billboards pick pictures from your phone gallery.
  • Tap on water to see dolphin jumping.
  • Tap on table to change the drink.
  • Tap on Life Saver Ring to change speed of the Cruise.
  • Tap on the Sky to see fireworks. City will dim lights during fireworks.

Future Upgrades :

  • Tap on Billboards and see your pictures zoomed in.
  • Optional Settings.

Enjoy this 2-day free trial.

Recent changes:

  • Added Fireworks.
  • Application logo changed.
  • Fixed force closures for some phones.

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