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Drawing Frozen Screen Art 7

With this frozen screen wiper live wallpaper you’ll be happily finger painting with falling ice or rain droplets on your frosted, foggy or with steam covered home screen all day long! Water effect gone and want to splash more water on it? No worries: once the freeze or condensation process has begun, there will be plenty more fun by making your screen cleaner and finger drawing art on it once again!
Want even more? Break out of the defaults by using your own photo as a background image! Use it with autumn leaves, put a christmas tree behind the glass or anything else.



  • Attractive misted / blurry background for the transparent steamy window in front of the effects
  • Use your own custom background images or photos
  • Wipe the screen clean by wiping over it with your finger
  • Includes many options and wet effect patterns (cold frost, rain & steam, fog / mist)
  • Additional options for customizing the color tint, blur amount, melting time and more
  • Makes your home screen look like one of those fake iPhone apps, but prettier
  • Each air bubble will turn into a raindrop and gently slide across the screen
  • Screen tilt makes the drops go left or right
  • Supports the parallax scrolling effect
  • This app is not a prank app, but it’s always fun to see how people react with this wallpaper on their phone


If you’re using a custom background image and would like it to fit, please note that standard Android wallpaper rules apply. Multiply the width of your device’s resolution by two and you should get a perfectly sized image.

Although great care has been taken to optimize this icy live wallpaper for performance, memory usage and stability, it’s not possible to test the program on all thousands of Android devices out there. If you’d happen to be in the position of finding an unfortunate error, please send me an email describing what happened and I will happily help you to solve it! You can reach me with all of your questions or suggestions at [email protected]

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