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DayNight 7

DayNight allows you to set a wallpaper for each time of the day. Now there are four wallpapers in a single day!
• Calculates when the sun will set and rise, and sets the wallpaper accordingly. You can turn this off and set the times manually.
• Includes four beautiful default wallpapers. It’s also possible to set your own wallpapers.
• Uses only marginally more power than any static wallpaper.
• Keeps the feel static wallpapers have.

Please consider to make a donation via the settings screen. Your support is appreciated!

To use: home ⇒ menu ⇒ wallpaper ⇒ live wallpapers ⇒ DayNight.

Coarse Location: your coarse location is used to calculate the time of sunrise and sunset.

Keywords: day night sunrise sunset live wallpaper lwp

NOTICE: uses the Sun Calculator, copyrighted by the Android Open Source Project under the Apache 2.0 license.

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