Cubic Patterns Free LWP

Get the Cubic Pattern Live Wallpaper and your Android will learn to dance.

An awesome 3d effect with music visualization feature.

Drum and Bass approved!

– Four different Pattern modes (Emitter, Metaball, Tentacle, Single Pattern), which can be displayed intermittently or simultaneously.
– Many options to alter the appearance of the different patterns.
– Colors
– Tentacle length
– Tentacle core sizes
– Number of metaballs
– Size of metaballs
– And moreā€¦

– Interact by moving around in slow motion.
– Animation speed, glowing strength and slow motion strength is adjustable.
– Adjust the strength of music influence.
– Choose different styles of waveform analysis and adjust the size and color of the corresponding display.
– And more!

This is the free version that’s why only a subset of the customization options is activated.

TO USE: home->menu->wallpapers->live wallpapers

If you have any problems, please feel encouraged to write an email. Only giving a bad rating does not help the cause.

Remark: With some music players the music visualization feature does not work, e.g., the standard player of the HTC Evo 3D. But you can use a free third party player, e.g., Winamp to get it to work.

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