Cow Fly Zlango

The new live wallpaper by Zlango. It’s Free, download now!

“Cow Fly” Zlango Live Wallpapers. is a fun animated wallpaper! Try to bug the cow and check what she does! “Cow Fly” is Free, Get it now!

★ “Cow Fly” IS FUN & EASY

Download “Cow Fly” for free and set it as your default wallpaper. Tap your screen to bug the cow. The cow will accompany you during all hours of the day with a changing background according to the time of the day.

This live wallpaper was created by Zlango which also offers the “Zlango Messaging” app. Add visual impact to your text messages with Zlango Icon Messaging! Text with a huge variety of unique icons & SkinZ. Zlango messaging is FREE – get it now!

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