Color Dance

Color Dance LWP 2
Color Dance 7

This is a live wallpaper with the effect of slow changing colors (HUE shift). In settings you can choose one of eleven backgrounds. Wallpaper made with OpenGL ES 2.0 engine and has smooth parallax effect, even for Samsung, Sony and HTC devices. Also you can use any your picture from device gallery. The app has a built-in link to our website where you can find over colorful 100 pictures.

App Features:

– 11 images to choose from (including 2 repeating backgrounds)
– 8 different touch effects
– Select any image from device gallery
– Smooth parallax effect, including for devices without main menu parallax (Samsung, HTC, Sony …)
– Setting for color change speed
– Setting for screen proportions
– Setting for repeating textures
– OpenGL ES 2.0

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