Clock & Countdowns Lite LW

Clock Countdowns Lite LW
Clock & Countdowns Lite LW 7

Your favorite countdowns dates and clock like you’ve never seen.

Live particles forming the clock time and your favorite countdowns, with a original way.

Touch to begin explosions between countdowns, switch home screens to rotate the view, set a fixed view to the scene, control the lights direction and more…

With this Live Wallpaper you will never forget a important date, the countdowns will be back periodically. Customize colors, frequency, time format and more.

It is interactive, you can touch the countdown or clock to switch between all of them.

With full version you can:
-Set a fixed camera angle
-Interactive switch between countdowns&clock on touch
-Rotate the view on scrolling
-Set position and scale to display time
-Adds all countdowns you want.
-Customize color for lights and background.
-Control the display frequency for countdowns.
-Set long date.
-Control lights fly direction.

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