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7000 millions of people in the world, do you believe that Santa can do?

Reindeer, run! This Christmas Santa Claus has a lot of work, many people in the world expect their gift. In this Live Wallpaper, Santa is flying over the villages to give gifts to all the people whose particular method: teleport and fireballs.

In Lite version Santa only makes a reconnaissance trip, buy full version and you get snowfall, more reindeers, magic dust, fireballs gifts and you can see Santa transformation.

Now use the gyroscope to give 3D perspective when move your device. If your device doesn’t have gyroscope, it uses accelerometer as a fake gyroscope to get a 3D perspective effect when move your device. You can enable/disable Hologram mode on Settings. Enjoy it!

Help Santa Claus to achieve your goal in Christmas, let him teleport from your phone so you can have your gift in time. The more app installations, Santa can deliver more presents in Christmas. Join Facebook to see how many leads.

In full version you have:
Speed control.
Sky light.
Christmas Snowfall, can select amount, speed and orientation.
Fireballs gifts, you can select color and amount.
Magic dust, reindeers can fly with this. You can select color and amount.

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