ChoCho Cat

ChoCho Cat Live Wallpaper
ChoCho Cat 7

Cho Cho Cat is Super cute cat live wallpaper.
Every time you open the phone, cat using warm welcome to you,
Offer specially 10000 “gift bags” to buy.
Only$ 3.99 USD, you can get all skin, Ear, Hat, Necklace.
Cho Cho Cat There are six play mode
When you turn off the screen, or launch other APP, will be randomly switching play mode.
Play modes are as follows
1 greet your arrival, you are welcome to go before the screen, and note that looking at your fingers, make you happy.
2 sitting on the couch lazy, sometimes lying and sometimes lying when you enter your meow loudly.
3 cat love chasing the ball, is a powerful football player, cat will use head the ball, ran in the house, you can specify the location of the ball touch the screen with your finger.
4 cat hide and seek, hiding next to the screen secretly watching you, when you touch the screen, she would reach out to touch you at.
5 Use a wide-angle lens to shoot on the couch cat, cat looks particularly lovely, if you do not tease him, she would fall asleep.
6. window bored cat walk, when you touch the screen, force cat jump, chase your fingers.
We strive to make the best of CPU usage is low, to achieve the saving power, but because cat is very cute, so stay in the dynamic wallpaper time longer, if you feel cat power, it must be a cat too cute. (Meow ~ ~)

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