Bunny’s Dreamland Free LWP

Bunnys Dreamland Free LWP
Bunny's Dreamland Free LWP 7

What does one small, soft, cuddly bunny dream of? – Calm, magical wonderland with slowly swinging glowing vines and pink sky. Just look into those eyes and try not to fall in love. Embrace the cuteness overload!

The artwork has been created by our new amazing artist Annika Hiltunen.

Free version features
– Vibrant, high quality graphics with parallax effect
– Runs smoothly on Androids of all sizes and specifications with minimum power usage.
– Automatic panning
– Adjustable:
o Gravity level for the glow drops
o Number of glow drops [0-30]
o Swipe animation smoothness
– Accelerometer support:
o Sway & tilt the device horizontally to swing the bunny
o Swing vertically to make the bunny bounce
o Shake to make the glow drops fall off from vines

Full version features (Available on Google Play)
– Touch the glow drops to make them fall & bounce!
– Vines on/off
– Dynamic frame speed, which smoothens the animation when the wallpaper is panned
– Adjustable:
o Eye color
o Number of glow drops [0-100]
o Frame speed [5-30]
– Three battery level indicators:
o Wind level: Full wind speed when 100% battery, no wind when 0%.
o Glow drop count: Fully adjustable
o Eye color: Fully adjustable
– No advertisements, no permissions

USAGE: Go to your Home-screen > Press the Menu-button > Choose “Wallpapers” > Choose “Live wallpapers” > Select “Bunny’s Dreamland Free” > Push the “Set wallpaper” –button.

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