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Bubbles Neon HD 7

Bubbles Neon HD is a Live Wallpaper whith very beautiful touchable and moving Neon Bubbles,also you can play by poping the bubbles and the points will be shown in the background (you can show or hide points in the background).
There are different Neon Bubbles : Red,Blue,Light Blue,Orange,Yellow,Violet etc.
This live wallpaper has lot of customizations.
You can set:
– DIRECTION – choose direction of moving neon bubbles.
– SPEED – select movement speed of times.
– DISABLE INTERACTION – touching moving neon bubbles has no effect.
– HIT COUNTER – display a hit counter in the background.
– HIDE BUBBLES – do not display moving neon bubbles.Only background is visible.Hit counter is also disabled.

Home > Press Menu > Select Wallpaper > Select Livewallpapers > Select Bubbles Neon HD Live Wallpaper

To develope more free amazing live wallpapers,we have implemented one ad notification.Advertisement can support us to create much more live wallpapers like this.

This live wallpaper works almost whith all android devices from low,mid and high end devices.Also works whith android tablets.

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