Bubble Kitten

Bubbly Kitten Live Wallpaper: View Peewee the kitten float upward against cute backgrounds

A very cute LWP about an adorable kitten named Peewee
Six animated kittens float upward on the screen against cute backgrounds.
You have your choice of twelve backgrounds to choose from.
Name Your Phone:
This allows you to add a name to the live wallpaper or anything you want to type
including naming the kitten anything you like.

This is not a movie! You have you choice in the following:

✔ Speed of kittens
✔ Show or hide kittens
✔ Choose from twelve different backgrounds

Name Your Phone Settings:

✔ Edit text
✔ Six font choices
✔ Text size
✔ Text height
✔ Text color and alpha
✔ Show or hide text
✔ Stroke text
✔ Stoke thickness
✔ Stroke color and alpha
✔ Show or hide stroke
✔ Drop shadow text
✔ Drop shadow blur
✔ Drop Shadow color and alpha
✔ Show or hide drop shadow
✔ Show or hide all of them at once

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