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Blow a stream of beautiful bubbles right on your home-screen and enjoy watching them swirling and popping! Download this Blowing Bubbles Live Wallpaper for free! Get the unique 3D LWP and amuse people around you!
– Amazing 3D live wallpaper for Android!
– Interactive feature: Tap anywhere on the screen and new bubbles will appear immediately!
– There is full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
– This beautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting for you!
Installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

What is so fascinating about the bubbles? The precise spherical shape, the incredibly fragile nature of the microscopically thin soap film, the beautiful colors that swirl and shimmer, or most likely, a combination of all these phenomena? The honest answer will be that all this make it so magical and wonderful!
It is actually like a balloon, is a very thin skin surrounding a volume of air. The rubber skin of the balloon is elastic and stretches when inflated. If you let the mouthpiece of the balloon go free, the rubber skin squeezes the air out of the balloon and it deflates as it flies around the room. The same thing happens if you start blowing a bubble and then stop. The liquid skin of it is stretchy, somewhat like a piece of thin rubber, and like a balloon it pushes the air out leaving a flat circle of soap in the wand. If you blow one and close the opening by flipping the wand over, the tension in the skin tries to shrink it into a shape with the smallest possible surface area for the volume of air it contains. That shape happens to be a sphere.
When they meet with each another, the resulting union is always one of total sharing and compromise. They will merge to share a common wall. If they are the same size this wall will be flat. If they are different sized, the smaller one, which always has a higher internal pressure, will bulge into the larger one.
Color is one of the most beautiful aspects that make us delighted as well. Similar to the way we perceive the colors in a rainbow or an oil slick, we see the colors through the reflection and the refraction of light waves off the inner and outer surfaces of the wall.
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