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Best Weather Widgets

If you’re like me you’re constantly checking your phone for the weather. I am just addicted to knowing what I’ll need to wear or if a big storm is coming. Now in the age of smartphones you can have up to date and brilliant looking weather widgets right on the home screen of your phone.

We have compiled a list of the best weather widgets for you so you can find the one that fits you best and gets the job done.

AccuWeather Widget


Perhaps the most well-known weather widget or service, in general, is AccuWeather. The AccuWeather widget is easily top-notch and has every feature under the sun. For instance, there are customizable forecasts, multiple locations, weather graphs, etc.

You can look at the radar overlayed by Google satellite images, receive push notifications for severe weather, and have multiple days shown on your home screen at once. Weather is updated every 15 minutes and shows icons for what weather and the temperature. The widget itself comes in different sizes and styles to fit your device’s look.

Yahoo Weather Widget
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Yahoo Weather

Another popular weather service turned widget is Yahoo Weather. The Yahoo Weather widget provides hourly, daily, 5, and 10-day forecasts. These include important weather information like precipitation, wind speed, pressure, etc.

Note that there are animations for sunsets, sunrises, wind changes, and pressure. The device uses great Flickr photos for your location and the weather in general. Map-wise, Yahoo Weather features radar, heat maps, snow, and satellite.

WeatherBug Widget
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WeatherBug is a pretty popular weather widget that doesn’t receive as much attention as it should. It features all the forecast options and features that the big weather boys have and a whole lot more. For instance there is a spark alert that shows lightning proximity maps.

You also can see live weather cams from around the country, see top weather-related news, and has interactive maps. Forecasts within the WeatherBug widget can also be lifestyle-based. This means it can tell you whether you should walk to the gym today, cancel your picnic for tomorrow, etc. WeatherBug is one of the smartest weather widgets available.

Weather Widget
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Yes, this weather widget is simply called Weather. The name is fairly simple and so is the design of this widget (on purpose). Weather widget is made so you can get all your weather knowledge in one tap.

So in one tap, you can see the weather for your area. From there you can see forecasts and more. Most aspects in Weather are animated which combined with the simple layout make Weather a very aesthetically pleasing app to have. The Weather widget is made to be lightweight for people who want a great weather app but not to go over their data caps.

Beautiful Widgets Pro
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Beautiful Widgets Pro

Beautiful Widgets Pro is not just a weather widget but also has other great functions. So you’ll get a clock, calender, alarm, etc. along with the weather. However, the weather aspect of Beautiful Widgets Pro is still pretty good.

It comes with interactive weather backgrounds and has all the forecasts for all the cities you would want. The other great thing about Beautiful Widgets Pro is it is fully customizable and comes in multiple sizes to fit your device style.

GO Weather Forecast & Widgets
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GO Weather Forecast & Widgets

The GO Weather Forecast & Widgets is a top rated weather widget that provides some good competition for the big boys. You get your forecasts and weather reports which feature info such as time, date, feeling like, high & low temperature, wind, humidity, visibility, sunrise and sunset, severe weather alert, etc.

There are also interactive maps like radar and satellite. The pro version has more detailed information and precipitation probability if you are into that. Google Play

Weather & Clock Widget
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Weather & Clock Widget

As you can see with the title of the Weather & Clock Widget you know what you’re getting. Clock aside, the weather aspect in the Weather & Clock Widget is great. It will show you current and forecast weather, sunrise/sunset timers, temperature, and more.

You can add up to ten different locations and it has auto location detection. There are multiple sizes to fit your device and you have some more little customization features.

EZ Weather HD Beautiful Widget
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EZ Weather HD Beautiful Widget

The EZ Weather HD Beautiful Widget is another weather widget that goes for a nice simple and clean look while also providing great information. You can see your current and hourly (up to 24 hours) forecast which shows pertinent information like temperature , wind speed and direction, humidity, visibility, pressure, dew point, UV, etc.

While you do get your weather information, again, a main point of the EZ Weather HD Beautiful Widget is in the “beautiful” part. The widget is transparent, can be set to show on your lock screen, and in general looks amazing.

Weather Live with Widgets Free
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Weather Live with Widgets Free

The Weather Live with Widgets Free is like looking out your window to see the weather. It has forecasts both daily and weekly along with your current time. There are also featured information like a “feels like” gauge, wind speed/direction, precipitation, humidity, etc.

The main aspect, though, is that it shows nice crisp graphics on your phone for what the weather is. Cloudy? It’ll show some nice clouds. Rain? You’ll see dark rain drops.Google Play

Sense Flip Clock & Weather
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The list seems very comprehensive. Do you think we’ve missed something?

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