Best Live Wallpaper apps for Android

10 Best Water Live Wallpapers for Android

If you are on the lookout for some amazing wallpapers with character, you’ve come to the right place. What best way to bring life to any boring static home screen than a live wallpaper that has water ripples and soothing waves overlapping. Here we dive into some amazing wallpapers water live wallpapers.

Don’t worry about the battery, we got you covered here. The water live wallpapers mentioned below are cherry-picked based on performance without taking a toll on the battery.

Water live wallpaper with soundFinger touch water droplet
Water falling live wallpaperRain live wallpaper
Water 3d Live wallpaperWater magic touch live wallpaper
Water fall live wallpaperReal waterfall live wallpaper

1. Water Drop Live wallpaper

The name here gives away what this app is all about. Using your phone after applying this water wallpaper will give you the feeling of interacting with actual liquid. This is because of its realistic animations and fluid response to touch. The cherry on top here is that the app is totally free. Here users can also play with various settings and add custom images too. 

water drop live wallpaper
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2. Rain live wallpaper

No one can claim they hate the rain. It is the source of life on Earth. Just imagine if we could bring the beauty of rain into our pockets. We don’t have to imagine anymore because of this live wallpaper. This beautifully crafted wallpaper gives the users an illusion of being on the other side of a window while it is raining outside. This live wallpaper also boasts a truckload of options when it comes to customization. 

rain live wallpaper
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3. Water magic touch live wallpaper

There is always a satisfying feeling to unlock your phone and it comes to life. With water magic live wallpaper, you can always count on it to treat your eyes. The way these unpredictable ripples occur, the gentle blue theme, all add up for an overall pleasant experience. This water live wallpaper also takes advantage of the phone gyroscope to create more immersion for the users. The scope for customizations here is as deep as the ocean.

water magic touch
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4. Real ocean live wallpaper

Ok. Show of hands. How many of you like sunshine and sandy beaches? People not raising their hands are lying to themselves. Everybody loves these sandy destinations. But with the pandemic in full swing and people relegated to their households, visiting a beach is near to impossible. Well, fret no more. Real ocean live wallpaper is here to save the day. Download this absolutely free live wallpaper and enjoy the beach. This is the closest we can go for a while.

real ocean live wallpaper
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5. 3D Nature live wallpaper

This wallpaper is an absolute beauty when it comes to water live wallpapers. For starters, there is a stream running through your screen in the midst of a green forest complete with animated leaves. I mean what more could you ask for. The lack of customization option is more than made up for with its soothing nature.

3D nature live wallpaper
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6. Relaxing water live wallpaper

This wallpaper is simple and straightforward. The users will get an ocean view where they can watch the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water. The way these waves articulate is soothing for anyone who beholds this amazing live wallpaper in their phones. 

Relaxing water live wallpaper
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7. Finger touch water droplet

A water live wallpaper should have a dynamic animation that must be responsive to touch. This app lives and dies by this notion. Instead of having something that runs all over your screen and eating up your battery, this wallpaper has the best of both worlds. It has a static image with elements in motion and responsive. 

Finger touch water wallpaper
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8. Water drops live wallpaper

In an age of live wallpapers filled with low-resolution images, this one stands apart from the others. The way we interact with your phone will change with this wallpaper. This is because of the level of options you get when it comes to changing the background. The customization does not stop there. We also get the freedom to change how it reacts to each of our touches. 

Water drops live wallpaper
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9. Under the sea live wallpaper

Living under the sea is a fascinating experience for anyone, no doubt. What if you had the option to unlock your phone and find yourself at the bottom of a sea bed. It is possible with this water live wallpaper. This whole experience is rounded off with clear waters and patterns on the floor made by the sunlight.

Under the sea live wallpaper
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10. Real Waterfall live wallpaper

An amazing waterfall live wallpaper on the play store which has an impressive HD waterfall image fully animated. This wallpaper is loaded with options and made with the user in the mind. For starters, the room for customization is massive here. It has a waterfall, nature, spring, etc. For people who are concerned about their battery, this has you covered too. This app is programmed to sleep while your phone sleeps thereby minimizing strain on the battery.

Real waterfall live wallpaper
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Wrapping up!

Live wallpapers are small things that can brighten up your mood and spice up your phone home screen. Water live wallpapers have certain characteristics which make them stand out from others. In this compilation of HD wallpapers we cover most of the good stuff

If you think we missed something, tell us in the comment section below and we can add it in the next one.

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