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9 Best Rain Live Wallpaper Apps

Rain is one thing that makes everything green in this planet. One can say it is the main source that helps in life sustenance. Just imagine the ability to bring something as wholesome as a rain into your home screen.

Rain live wallpaper gives a fresh coat of paint to your phone screen and makes it look more lively. The offerings are plenty but to finding apps with high quality and less ads is a challenge these days. Well, we are here to save you from that hassle.

We have compiled a list of rain live wallpapers found in play store that will produce awe when you pass your phone to your friends.

Realistic rain live wallpaperReal Rain Live Wallpaper
Pixel style rain live wallpaperPixel Rain Live Wallpaper
Classy rain live wallpaperRainy London Live Wallpaper

1. Rain Live Wallpaper

Standout features

  • Rated 4.4 on play store
  • Loads of happy users
  • Endless customizations
butterfly in rain live wallpaper
9 Best Rain Live Wallpaper Apps 21
playstore 10

Highlights worth mentioning

  • Supports both horizontal and portrait orientation
  • Optimized to sleep saving battery
  • Engaging 3D animations
rain live wallpaper settings
Vast array of customizations

Talk about a rain live wallpaper that is complete. This app has it all.

  • HD rain effect
  • Amazing background
  • Engaging animation

What more do you need from a live wallpaper. Check the link below and download this amazing art work into your phone. This rain live wallpaper breathes an air of fresh breath to any boring home screen. The level of attention comes out when you wipe the screen to clear it of the mist formed as the result of rain falling.

2. Real Rain Live Wallpaper

Standout features

  • Realistic animations
  • Community focused developer
  • 4 star rated app!

Highlights worth mentioning

  • Easy to use
  • HD quality live wallpaper
  • Supported by all android handsets
real rain live wallpaper
playstore 11

There are a lot of rain live wallpapers which populate the play store. But only few compare to this. As the name “Real rain live wallpaper” suggests, this is as real as it gets. The attention to detail here is top notch. The way raindrops fall will surely make your phone look 100 times better.

3. Raindrops Live Wallpaper HD 8

Standout features

  • Shopping 4.3 rating on play store
  • Hordes of happy users
  • Constantly updated

Highlights worth mentioning

  • Simplicity and user friendly
  • Optimized for both speed and battery efficiency
  • Relaxing and wholesome experience
raindrops live wallpaper
playstore 12

It does not take a genius to take a gander at this wallpaper and immediately be awe struck by its quality backgrounds and animations. This rain live wallpaper will make you live in the moment with all the raindrops covering your screen.

4. City Rain Live Wallpaper PRO

Standout features

  • Good ratings in Play store
  • HD quality images
  • Free to use

Highlights worth mentioning

  • Calming backgrounds
  • Amazing animations
  • Takes the phone to the next level
city rain live wallpaper
playstore 13

City rain live wallpaper is one of the best in it’s class if you in the lookout for a good wallpaper. The moody dark nature captured by this rain live wallpaper will do wonders in taking your home screen to the next level. Make use of the link found below and grab this amazing rain live wallpaper for yourself.

5. Rainy London Live Wallpaper

Standout features

  • Perfectly suitable for anyone
  • Stellar rating of 4.5
  • Happy users

Highlights worth mentioning

  • Fully customizable
  • Filled with London spirit
  • Fairly good animation

rainy London live wallpaper
playstore 14

This rain live wallpaper can turn a person into a true Londoner. This is because of the many London iconic locations these pack. The realism is attributed with the constant rain which is the theme of London. A must have for people looking to add class to their home screen.

6. Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper

Standout features

  • Free of cost
  • High quality wallpapers
  • Lots of offerings

Highlights worth mentioning

  • Simplicity and easy to use
  • 3D options at disposal
  • Compatible with almost all Android
thunderstorm live wallpaper
playstore 15

The idea of having a devastating yet beautiful inside your pocket sure sounds like a dream. Well, no more. This rain live wallpaper will bring with it a roaring thunder and some impressively good animations to go. Just click the link below and enjoy the weather.

7. Rainy Live Wallpaper

Standout features

  • Soothing animations
  • High quality backgrounds
  • Free to use

Features worth mentioning

  • Available across all Android
  • Well optimized for less battery consumption
  • Vast array of customizations
rainy live wallpaper
playstore 16

This simple to use rainy live wallpaper does everything a live wallpaper should in a simple and elegant way. The gentle falling raindrops sure will calm every one staring at them. This also has a positive effect on your day and how you approach it. The optimizations mean that they barely take any toll on your battery while spreading the calm aroma all around you.

8. Rain Video Live Wallpaper

Standout features

  • 4.4 rating in Play store
  • Constantly updated
  • Wildly customizable

Highlights worth mentioning

  • Lots of happy users
  • Has a relaxing effect on people
  • Really easy on the battery

rain video live wallpaper
playstore 17

This app is for the rain lovers out there. With it’s simple UI one can feel right at home while using this app. Just download it, hit “set wallpaper” and bang, your home screen is raining. Just like that. The developers is also very active and constantly squashes all the bugs found within.

9. Pixel Rain Live Wallpaper

Standout features

  • 4.3 rated on Play store
  • Happy users
  • Awe inspiring experience

Highlights worth mentioning

  • Vast array of customizations
  • Realistic effects
  • Constantly updated
pixel rain live wallpaper
playstore 18

This app is far from your typical rain live wallpaper. But that does not mean this is bad by any stretch. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The rain drops here are in the style of minecraft and the way they splatter while falling down is cool. The cherry on top is that this rain live wallpaper is completely free of cost.

Winding up

Rain obviously the source of life on earth has made it’s presence known in phone home screens also. There is something refreshing about watching rain fall down with grace that too in the small phone screen. With the collection mentioned above you get to experience the full experience free of cost. ENJOY!

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