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Love live wallpapers – Top 10

It is time we realize that “love is in the air” is no longer enough. Love should be on our phones as well. What better way to show it off than having a love live wallpaper on your home screen. These are some of the best collections out there which will make sure your every day passes with an ecstatic mood.

Let’s dive right into the collection and take a look at how having a love live wallpaper can change the way we react to our phones. It creates a sense of wholesomeness that is very rare to come these days.

Love live wallpapers with ample customizationsI love you live wallpaper
Heartwarming live wallpaperLove and heart live wallpaper
Live wallpaper with photosLove Photo Pendulum Live Wallpaper

1. Love live wallpaper

App Highlights

  • Rated 4 in play store
  • Up to the brim with love
  • 1,000,000 + downloads
  • Constantly updated by the developer

Notable features

  • More exclusive offerings
  • Vast customization features
  • Realistic response to touch
Love live wallpaper - hearts

The first thing to get things going is this amazing wallpaper app called love live wallpaper. The developer here has given enough attention to details to come up with a live wallpaper that is engaging as much as its mesmerizing. The users are at the control here with its vast array of customizations available.

playstore 10

2. Love Live HD Wallpaper ❤ Hearts 4K Wallpaper Free

App Highlights

  • 4.4 rated in playstore
  • Lots of smiling faces using this app
  • Works with almost every android
  • Bugs are constantly updated

Notable features

  • All are HD images
  • Lots of backgrounds offered here
  • Supported by every mobile models
  • Gives the control to users wish.
4k love live wallpaper

This love live wallpaper takes the pleasure of having hearts fluttering on your home screen to the next level. This is because of the HD quality live content found here. If this wasn’t enough, the users are also given the freedom to choose their own custom clock and even their picture. I can’t think of anyone not liking this love live wallpaper.

playstore 11

3. I love you live wallpaper

App Highlights

  • 4.1 Rating in playstore
  • Constantly updated and bugs fixed
  • Compact size 13mb
  • Simple and easy to handle

Notable features

  • Best in class optimization for battery
  • Goes well with AMOLED screens
  • Has in-app purchases
I love you live wallpaper

This love live wallpaper is in many ways similar to the first wallpaper on this list. People are treated to many creative templates here. There is no limitations when it comes to the customization front here. With a creative person, this app can be used to its full potential.

playstore 12

4. Love and Heart Live Wallpaper

App highlights

  • Rated 4.2 on play store
  • Adored among anime fans
  • Pleasant HD graphics

Notable features

  • Love overloaded
  • This is completely free
  • Easy to get started and setup
Anime love wallpaper

What’s more romantic than two lovers confessing their love under a starry night?, love confession under a sky which is more starry. This live wallpaper takes the users into the moment and gives us literal chills. The confession is topped off with the starts forming a heart shaped constellation.

playstore 13

5. Romantic Live Wallpaper HD

App highlights

  • Highly rated in play store
  • Very active developer
  • Stunning backgrounds
  • Easy on the battery

Notable features

  • Supports horizontal and portrait orientation for both phone and tab
  • Mesmerizing backdrops filled with love
  • Must get for every couple out there

It is often said that the simple things in life are the best. This love live wallpaper is a testament to this phrase. Two couples expressing their love while hearts, flowers and other goodies glide gently on the screen. With this love live wallpaper in your phone everyday is a valentine’s day.

Romantic live wallpaper
playstore 14

6. Love Photo Pendulum Live Wallpaper

App highlights

  • Lots of happy users in play store
  • Free to choose from gallery
  • Filled with romantic vibes
  • Wallpaper with personality

Notable features

  • Lively pendulum effect
  • Easily customizable
  • Highly interactive
Photo pendulum live wallpaper

As far as love live wallpapers go, this is as fancy as it gets. This app prompts the users to add their photos and their loved ones and watch their picture going to and fro in a love medallion while getting showered with hearts. Believe me, this is more romantic than it sounds.

playstore 15

7. Valentine’s Day Live Wallpaper

App highlights

  • Stellar 4.5 rating in playstore
  • 5000k plus installs
  • High resolution effects
  • Complete with sound

Notable features

  • Very minimal battery drain
  • Supports both landscape and portrait mode
  • Greatly enhances your phone

Valentine's day live wallpaper

If you are on the hunt for the perfect love live wallpaper for your Valentine’s day needs, then you’ve hit the jackpot. This live wallpaper is made with love from the developers which is reflected in how it functions. There are hearts fluttering everyone captivates the users and others who glace the way of your home screen.

playstore 16

8. Emoji love live wallpaper

App highlights

  • Simple and straightforward
  • Loads of customization
  • Highly intuitive

Notable features

  • Highly optimized
  • Looks good on AMOLED
  • Keeps the romantic flame lit
Emoji Love live wallpaper

There is always something romantic about the emojis through which we express our feelings to our loved ones in the age of texting. This love live wallpaper app brings those emojis to life. These cute emojis will be floating around your home screen and the experience it gives is wholesome.

playstore 17

9. My Love Name Live Wallpaper

App highlights

  • Highly rated 4.1 in play store
  • Community focused developer
  • Bug free experience

Notable features

  • Best app for love birds
  • Has the option to include our name
  • Up to the brim with features

This love live wallpaper app has a nice trick up its sleeve to impress your loved ones in an instant. After downloading this app on your phone, just enter your name and your significant other’s name. It will display both of your names with a neat animation with a romantic backdrop.

playstore 18

10. Girl in Love Live Wallpaper ❤ Hearts HD Wallpaper

App highlights

  • Whopping 4.7 on play store
  • Endless customization
  • Free backgrounds

Notable features

  • Supported by all Android
  • Support extends to keyboard emoji
  • 3D high quality wallpapers
Girl in love wallpaper

Another love live wallpaper app that slays with its simple but ample looks. The app is centered around a small girl with love in her eyes, just enjoying life as hearts surround her. The users are also given the liberty to use their own custom text to add more personal touch.

playstore 19


The above-mentioned love live wallpapers can be the best ally for people in a relationship. By sorting out the best live wallpapers out there, you can pick what is the right one for your phone. Take control of how your phone looks with this amazing collection and level up your experience.

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