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Best 10 Fish Live Wallpapers

When it comes to your smartphone’s wallpaper you want something that looks pretty, is perhaps animated, and still retains all your basic features. One of the most popular wallpaper “genres” or themes that fit into all those categories are aquarium wallpapers that showcase all sorts of virtual fish that you can admire right in your pocket.

Since fish live wallpapers are so popular and prevalent in stores we decided to compile a top list of the best fish live wallpapers. I’m sure you’ll find something on our list you’ll love.

Best shark live wallpaperWhite Shark HD Video Wallpaper
Realistic aquarium live wallpaperMy 3D Fish II
Calming fish live wallpaperaniPet Koi

Aquarium Live Wallpaper

The Aquarium Live Wallpaper gets right to the point with the name. It is the aquarium live wallpaper and is probably the one you would see most if you search the term aquarium. With that being said the Aquarium Live Wallpaper is a good live fish wallpaper as it features all sorts of colorful tropical fish, decorations, plants, and effects.

Of course, all these features are customizable. Another interesting part of the Aquarium Live Wallpaper is you can tap the screen to get their attention as well as double-tap to feed them! The Aquarium Live Wallpaper acts just like a real-life aquarium!

Aquarium Live Wallpaper
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Sim Aquarium

With current technology for mobile smartphones, you can get some pretty awesome quality wallpapers nowadays. The Sim Aquarium Live Wallpaper is one of these and it takes the basic aquarium/fish wallpaper idea to the next level.

There are over 20 fish species in the Sim Aquarium Live Wallpaper and all are in beautiful 3D. All of these also have detailed artificial intelligence, swimming behaviors, and appearance. Along with their behavior, you can tap the screen to scare them and get their attention.

Sim Aquarium
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Plasticine Ocean

Where most live fish wallpapers go for the realistic route, the Plasticine Ocean Live Wallpaper goes in a different direction. So instead of the super HD 3D fish, you get scenes that look more claymation which looks really cool.

You also get your typical features in this aquarium wallpaper like different fish species and scenery like sunken ships and islands. In addition, you get animated flying birds and a pink elephant on the island! Overall the Plasticine Ocean Live Wallpaper looks good without looking like every other live fish wallpaper.

Plasticine Ocean live wallpaper
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My 3D Fish II

The My 3D Fish II Live Wallpaper blew my expectations of an aquarium wallpaper out of the water (pun intended). This wallpaper is easily one of the best looking in terms of realism out there. All the fish are in 3D as well as HD with a whole new light engine to really give it that touch of realism.

Fish are also, of course, animated as well as the background plants and other decorations. All of the features are customizable and a cool aspect is you can tap fish and they will swim at you!

My 3D Fish II Live Wallpaper
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Ocean HD

Forget just an aquarium, with the Ocean HD Live Wallpaper you get a full-on ocean simulation wallpaper! This wallpaper lets you pretend to be a scuba diver or in a submarine as you get to dive down and see all sorts of fish and other aquatic creatures like manta rays and more.

The best aspect of the Ocean HD Live Wallpaper is the exploration factor. You get to explore the ocean and the shallow bits while finding sunken ships and treasure!

Ocean HD live wallpaper
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True Water

Another super realistic live fish wallpaper that goes beyond a simple aquarium setting is the True Water Free Live Wallpaper. The fish in this wallpaper is able to be interacted with and you can literally play with them!

What I really liked about the True Water Free Live Wallpaper is that it has totally different scenes. You can see fish in an ocean setting or a pond, river, beach, abstraction, and more! Each set has different fish and different looks but all look absolutely amazing.

fishes swimming in water
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White Shark HD Video Wallpaper

Up until now, all these live fish wallpapers have been basically little fish. Cute and well-done fish but little ones. As the name implies, the White Shark Underwater World Live Wallpaper is a shark wallpaper! So you get to see great white sharks swimming around on your phone in different underwater scenes.

Features in this wallpaper include different camera filters, camera angles, and a day/night cycle. If you want one of the fiercest creatures of the sea in your pocket then get the White Shark Underwater World Live Wallpaper.

White Shark Underwater World
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Atlantis 3D Pro

Take a tour of some fiction for a change with the Atlantis 3D Pro Live Wallpaper. This wallpaper not only features tons of live fish to look at and admire but the chance to pretend to explore the Lost City of Atlantis.

So not only do you get a whole slew of detailed fish in this wallpaper but a detailed Atlantis scene! Again, what is nice about this is the exploration aspect so you can explore the sunken city at your own pace!

Atlantis 3D Pro live wallpaper
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Shark Live Wallpaper

The Shark Live Wallpaper is another great shark-based wallpaper! This time, however, it isn’t limited to just a single species of shark. With the Shark Reef Free Live Wallpaper, you get multiple types of sharks that swim around as well as general small exotic fish!

Shark species include blacktip, bull, tiger, great white, nurse, whale, zebra, and hammerhead sharks. There are also different themes such as Atlantis, a sunken ship, and the Bermuda Triangle.

Shark Reef live wallpaper
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aniPet Koi

Pretty much all of these live fish wallpapers have been focusing on mainly ocean fish with a few having lake/river options. The AniPet Koi Live Wallpaper is totally catered towards pond fish such as the beautiful koi.

In fact, with this wallpaper, you get to see over 30 different koi types. These koi are fully interactive where you can feed them. Adding another realistic aspect is that the fish have babies! There are tons of aspects you can customize as well to make the AniPet Koi Live Wallpaper personable to you!

Fishes swimming in a pond
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Winding up!

Transform your phone into a little aquarium with these fish live wallpapers. They truly are an amazing sight to look at. There is nothing more soothing than watching a fish swim carefree on your screen.

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