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Top 10 Clock Live Wallpaper Apps

Are you looking for a fun and practical live wallpaper? We have curated a bunch of clock live wallpapers that set forth the time as well as make your home screen more presentable. It’s time to get rid of old and boring wallpapers, pick out your favorite live wallpaper from the below list.  All the apps are easy to install and are pretty convenient to use. Many apps come with certain customization that allows you to make them a little personal. 

NOTE: These best 10 apps were handed picked by focusing on the UX, UI, and fun element.

1. Analog Clock Live Wallpaper

Analog Clock Live Wallpaper is a simple clock yet very decent and subtle. There is nothing much going on with this wallpaper. It’s pretty straight forwards and convenient. This analog clock can be customized, you can change the display of the clock. Set the current date, day of the week, the color of the hands, and much more. A unique feature created by the developers is the clock can speak the current time by double-tapping or can set it periodically.

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Google Play

2. Night Sky Clock Wallpapers

This live wallpaper is extremely well fitted for a user who wants extremely customizable options. Night Sky Clock Wallpapers app is developed in a certain way so that you can easily navigate and set up wallpaper. This is a step by step guide to customize your clock wallpaper. You can start by picking the style, position, backdrop, pattern, frame and the list keeps going on. You will also be able to add animation, parallax effect on the clock. Set this new custom build clock as your new home screen wallpaper.

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Google Play

3. Clock Live Wallpaper

Clock Live Wallpaper is pretty much similar to the first live wallpaper. An analog clock that displays an elegant snow falling effect in a unique way. You get to experience a magical snowfall in the background along with blooming pink flowers on your home screen. In the customization part, you can set different backdrops, choose your own pic from the gallery, position, and size of the clock, and significantly more. 

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Google Play

4. Digital Clock Live Wallpaper

Without a doubt, Digital Clock Live Wallpaper is a gorgeous and elegant digital clock wallpaper. Your eyes will be fixated on the screen once you set this as your home screen wallpaper. Pick out a background that is HD or 4K such as tranquil nature, outer space, and more. When it comes to customization, you have plenty of settings in the app. Position, size, clock format can be changed easily. Have a pleasant and relaxing time!

videotogif 2021.01.28 13.26.05
Google Play

5. LED Digital Clock Live Wallpaper

LED Digital Clock Live Wallpaper is a free application that unveils the current date and time on your device. Multiple colors, display options are available for the users to customize as per their preference. To make it more personalized you can add your own photo as a background of the digital clock. Similar to any other app, color, size, format, position you will be effortlessly able to change the settings of the live wallpaper. The led neon color digital clock pops up bright on your home screen and it lays upon a beautiful backdrop. 

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Google Play

6. Luxury Watch Analog Clock Live Wallpaper

Luxury Watch Analog Clock Live Wallpaper app stands exactly for its name. Provides a very industrial and mechanical type of clock for your screen. The analog clock has a digital format timing inside it along that there is vintage gear that will be moving in a specific revolution. Surprisingly, the app comes with a few distinctive customizations. One thing, in particular, I want to mention is that the analog clock comes with many sounds effects of tik tok that makes the live wallpaper more fun. It sure does come with other regular custom features like adding a background, clock face, clock format, and many more.

videotogif 2021.01.28 13.33.15
Google Play

7. Clock Live Wallpaper

Unlike other live wallpapers on the list, this is quite different in all forms of display. Are you big on cars? Then Clock Live wallpaper app is a treat for you. Get your hands on a digital clock and sports car themed live wallpaper for your home screen. Along with time, it will also display a speedometer clock widget, battery info, and temperature. You will be able to custom change the backdrop and change the cars a well. The app provides firework effects to add more fun and attractive.

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Google Play

8. Live Clock Wallpaper

Live Clock Wallpaper is pretty straightforward and effortless but still keeps the users fresh and involved. The customizing features are great and all the backdrops for the live wallpapers are HD. Download the free live wallpaper and you can personalize the effects and reapply at any time. The app comes with cool effects like rain, sparkle, water, lighting animations which the whole experience a lot better and exciting.

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Google Play

9. Rain Clock Live Wallpaper

The name of the app more or less conveys the type of a live clock wallpaper it’s going to be. The app has a stunning piece of live wallpaper that will add color and coziness to your home screen. Custom build the live wallpaper background, choose the options and make your device screen stand out. Everything is easily adjustable no hassle at all.

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Google Play

10. Digital Clock Live Wallpaper – Digi Clock

Digital Clock Live Wallpaper is a basic modern type of live wallpaper. The app is very subtle and conveys the message directly. It displays the time, date, and day on the screen. The customization is extremely easy to do and it lets you change the location of the clock on display. The live wallpaper supports both 12hrs and 24hrs format style. Download it for free on play store and have elegant live wallpaper on you home screen.

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Google Play

Wrapping up

These clock live wallpapers make sure you stay top of your tasks, in style. They boast a lot of customization and appealing features which you must check out and spice us your homescreen.

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